TNGOP Chair Breaks Party Rules, Endorses Lamar Alexander

TNGOP Chair Breaks Party Rules, Endorses Lamar Alexander



TN Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney has broken Party rules by taking sides and effectively endorsing Senator Lamar Alexander in a fundraising letter that arrived in mailboxes this week. Senator Alexander has a serious opponent in the race, and the TNGOP has apparently decided who should win. The letter, along with the Party Bylaws are below:


Article II Sec 4 of the TNGOP Rules clearly states:

Neither the Executive Committee as a body, nor the Officers, nor the TRP’s paid staff members, nor a County Republican Party or Executive Committee as a body, nor County Republican Party Chairmen shall endorse a Republican candidate in a contested primary election.


UPDATE (9/17/13 – 10:26am):

The TNGOP has issued a factually inaccurate response. They had plenty of time to halt and correct this “error” before it went out. But yet they didn’t.

  1. B J Zeagler
    B J Zeagler09-17-2013

    This is nothing new with the Tennessee Republican Establishment. They did the same thing when David Hall ran against Congressman Jim Cooper and then when he won the primary, they made sure they didn’t support David, the republican, over Jim Cooper a big spender democrat.